NFT Channel 2.9m Closed Type (Set of 20)

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NFT channels are easy-to-use and easy-to-clean and have a well-proven track record for commercial application.

Our heavy-duty channels are designed exclusively for NFT systems and are used in commercial farms in over 17 countries.

FutureFarms offer access to an entire family of NFT accessories like End-Caps, Extenders and Clamps that ensure that the entire system can be assembled, effort-free.

These NFT Channels are constructed from the highest grade food-safe, UV-stabilised materials for safety and long life in harsh greenhouse conditions.

The NFT Closed-Type channels are 2.9m long and come pre-holed with 29 plant spaces.



20x 2.9m NFT Channels (110mm x 55mm)

10x Endcaps with Spout

10x Endcaps without Spout