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Hydroponic Vine Crop Grower 6 + Grower's Kit

Hydroponic Vine Crop Grower 6 + Grower's Kit

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The Hydroponic Vine Crop Grower's Kit comes with all the necessary accessories to help you achieve and maintain a successful growing cycle - get ready for high-quality vine-crops and fruiting vegetables.

The Vine Crop Grower system provides a solution that offers scalability, combined with a small form factor. Especially useful for vining crops - they allow for the plants to be trained upward, as well as horizontally, to create living walls of plants that are easy to monitor and, after fruiting, easy to harvest.

  • Versatile, adaptable, and reliable
  • UV and light-shielded for root protection
  • Produce more, easily, without wires, tubes and complicated systems
  • 27L reservoir capacity
  • Power consumption 20W only per month
  • Large reservoir capacity helping stabilise pH
  • Greater control over each plant and its growth
  • Air Pump, Siphon Set, Frame Assembly, Pumbing and Drip Tubes included
  • Perfect for vine crops, fruiting vegetables and short fruit trees 
This Grower's Kit includes:

Bluelab pH Pen x1

Digital pH handheld device to help you test your water and ensure that your pH is at the right level

Bluelab ppm Pen x1
This digital TDS instrument lets you know how much nutrient solution is in your water, measured in EC/ppm

Bluelab pH & Conductivity Probe Care Kit x1
Ensures that your pH and ppm device probes remain accurate and durable

Oasis 3.7 Seeding Substrate x1
Oasis Horticubes, letting you germinate effectively and consistently

GHE Flora Nova Grow 1L x1
1 set of high-performance nutrients for the vegetative growth stage, from GHE

GHE Maxi Bloom 1kg x1
1 set of high-performance nutrients for fruiting, blooming, and flowering, from GHE

pH Up and Down x1 (500ml)
500ml each of regulatory solution to keep your pH in check


Motor not included.

*Prices inclusive of 18% GST and shipping

**The reservoir bucket that comes with the system will be white. 

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