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The Complete Hydroponic Grower’s Kit for the Leaf Station One

  • Rs. 24,499.00

Upgrade your home’s clean food standards

The Leaf Station was created to cater to your clean food requirements. Tried and trusted design is coupled with consistent and efficient results, making this the ideal system for your kitchen garden needs.

This Complete Hydroponic Grower’s Kit brings you the urban standard of Future Farms’ Hydroponic systems, with everything you need to succeed, from seed to harvest!

This kit includes:

Leaf Station One x1

- this NFT Hydroponic system lets you grow 20 leafy greens or herbs

pH Test Kit x1

- allows you to test your water to ensure that your pH is monitored

Bluelab ppm Pen x1

- this high-spec instrument lets you know how much nutrient solution is in your water, measured in EC/ppm

Bluelab Conductivity Probe Care Kit x1

helps you ensure that your pH/ppm device probes remain accurate and durable

Pro-Gro Seeding Mix x1 (250g)

our proprietary mix, letting you germinate effectively and consistently

Seeding Tray x1

one seeding tray for the above-mentioned mix

GHE Flora Series Tri-Pack (500ml x3)

- 500ml each of General Hydroponics' signature solutions, Micro, Gro and Bloom 

 pH Up x1 (250ml)

 pH Down x1 (250ml)

- 250ml each of regulatory solutions to keep your pH in check

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