Leaf Station Neo Hydroponic Grower's Kit (15 planter NFT)

Future Farms

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  • UV and light-shielded for root protection
  • Perfect for leafy-greens, herbs and short-rooted plants
  • Versatile, adaptable and reliable
  • Produce more, easily, without wires, tubes and complicated systems
  • 27L reservoir capacity
  • Power consumption just 18W
  • Go from cuttings to adult plants in the same unit, without heavy substrates
  • Large reservoir capacity helps stabilise pH
  • Air Pump, Fittings, Accessories and Nutrients are included with your system
  • Grower's Kit components are included below

    Operating on Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), this Hydroponic system guarantees quality produce, all year round.

    Compact, and easy to install and operate, the Leaf Station Neo lets you grow the cleanest leafy greens and herbs, while constantly saving on resources.

    This Grower's Kit includes:

    pH Test Kit x1

    - allows you to test your water to ensure that your pH is monitored

    Bluelab ppm Pen x1

    this high-spec instrument lets you know how much nutrient solution is in your water, measured in EC/ppm

    Bluelab Conductivity Probe Care Kit x1

    helps you ensure that your pH/ppm device probes remain accurate and durable

    Pro-Gro Seeding Mix x1 (250g)

    our proprietary mix, letting you germinate effectively and consistently

    GHE Flora Series Tri-Pack (500ml x3)

    - 500ml each of General Hydroponics' signature solutions, Micro, Gro and Bloom

    pH Up x1 (250ml) 

    pH Down x1 (250ml)

    - 250ml each of regulatory solutions to keep your pH in check

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