Hydroponic Vine Crop Grower 6

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This 6 planter Hydroponic System comes with all the necessary accessories to help you achieve and maintain a successful growing cycle - get ready for high-quality vine-crops and fruiting vegetables.

The Vine Crop Grower provides a solution that offers scalability, combined with a small form factor. Especially useful for vining crops - they allow for the plants to be trained upward, as well as horizontally, to create living walls of plants that are easy to monitor and, after fruiting, easy to harvest.

- Versatile, adaptable, easy to use and reliable
- Perfect for vine crops, fruiting trees and short fruit trees
- 27L Reservoir Capacity
- Large Reservoir capacity for pH stabilisation

- Air Pump, Siphon Set, Frame Assembly, Plumbing and Drip Tubes included
- Power Consumption 20W only


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*The reservoir bucket with the system will be white