Hydroponic Leafy Grower 28
Hydroponic Leafy Grower 28
Hydroponic Leafy Grower 28
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Hydroponic Leafy Grower 28

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Use a lot less water. Grow a lot more food. 

Designed to fit seamlessly into kitchens, living rooms and balconies,  this Hydroponic system guarantees easy production of your favourite Salad leaves, Leafy greens and Herbs, all year round.

Streamlined, and ensuring water and energy efficiency, you can grow herbs and leafy greens of the absolute highest quality, with zero added toxins.

  • UV and light-shielded for root protection
  • Perfect for leafy-greens, herbs and short-rooted plants
  • 28 planting spaces
  • Operates in 18sqft
  • Versatile, adaptable and reliable
  • Produce more, easily, without wires, tubes and complicated systems
  • 27L reservoir capacity
  • Power consumption just 18W
  • Go from cuttings to adult plants in the same unit, without heavy substrates
  • Large reservoir capacity helps stabilise pH
  • Air Pump, Fittings, Accessories and Nutrients are included with your system 

    Motor not included.

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