Bluelab Guardian Monitor

Bluelab Guardian Monitor

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  • Live readings of pH, EC/ppm and temperature
  • Combines dedicated high-precision probes for measurement
  • Can be mounted near your system or tank
  • Data is constantly transmitted to the Cloud
  • 5 Year Product Guarantee

Stay in control of your crop!

Optimising certain critical parameters through a plants’ growing phase helps you go a long way towards ensuring a successful crop!

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor provides 24 hours continuous reading for pH, conductivity (EC/ppm 700/TDS/CF) and temperature within a nutrient solution. This monitor can be mounted on a wall or hung on a support bar. Set up your reservoir, place the pH and conductivity probes in the solution, then adjust and let the Guardian take over. Simply set high and low alarm states – if the solution moves away from the ideal range, the display flashes. A quick glance at the monitor is all it takes, to let you know when your nutrient solution needs adjusting!


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