The Leaf Station Hydroponic System

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The best performing, most efficient and most dynamic hydroponic system available

Ranging from 15 to 108 plants per unit, The Leaf Station systems are the most efficient way to produce leafy-greens or herbs hydroponically.

Leaf Station systems all run on one simple submersible pump in the reservoir, which:

  • lifts water to the growing channels, where plant holes are placed at carefully calculated intervals.
  • the nutrient solution passes through these channels, ensuring that all the plants receive uniform amounts of nutrient, consistently
  • the solution then drains back down the outlet, perfectly oxygenating the nutrient reservoir as it does

This means: no complex controllers, or multiple air pumps - Leaf Station Systems are incredibly easy to set up and run, so you can focus on plant management, not system maintenance.

These advantages, including the incredible performance of plants in the system, are why the Leaf Station is the best-selling home growing system in the country

  • UV and light-shielded for root protection
  • Perfect for leafy-greens, herbs and short-rooted plants
  • Versatile, adaptable and reliable
  • Produce more, easily, without wires, tubes and complicated systems
  • 27L reservoir capacity
  • Power consumption just 18W
  • Go from cuttings to adult plants in the same unit, without heavy substrates
  • Large reservoir capacity helps stabilise pH

The Grower's Kit is included with the Leaf Station Hydroponic System.