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Hydroponic nutrients are at the core of good crop management Hydroponic systems are designed to conserve more water and in return provide huge efficiencies because it uses water as the main delivery method of plant nutrients. As nutrients are more directly available to plants, hydroponic systems can eliminate nutrition-based bottlenecks to production. This increases the growing potential of the crop in the systems, making Nutrient Management the cornerstone of a well-run Hydroponic FarmSo what exactly are these plant nutrients?Plant growth, function and reproduction relies on 16 essential nutrients.3 of these 16 nutrients are available through air (CO2) and water (H2O),...

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Bluelab, EC, EC pen, Grower tip, pH, pH pen, Testing, Tools, Water, Water Quality, Water Testing Tools -

The quality and content of the water you use is key to the success of your growing system. Here's why!

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